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Re: Golka Photos

Original poster: David Speck <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I was taught that if your primary coil was suspended in imaginary outer space, the EM field it created would extend symmetrically in both directions from the coil. Thus it would seem to me that for best possible performance, you would not want to have anything that would present a significant load within the space of influence of the primary.
"Someday", when I build my big coil, I'm going to try supporting the primary at least as far off the floor as the secondary is tall, with nothing directly under the coil. It will be interesting to see how it works.


So how close is too close?
I've also wondered if the usual arrangement, with transformers, spark gap rotation/airflow motors, filter components, PFC correction, etc. directly under the primary cause problems as well. I suppose one could add or remove "dummy" NST's and note the effect. Even if they aren't too lossy, ferrous materials less than a foot from the bottom of the coils might affect the k.

-Phil LaBudde