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Re: 60Hz

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

" > Original poster: BunnyKiller <bunikllr@xxxxxxx>
 > its possible....   but do you have enuf money to build it???  ;)
we are
 > talking several miles of wire, a huge toroid, and a massive
primary... let
 > alone the transformer to power it...    ideas are kewl
 > but the math will humiliate one in a hurry... financially and
 > realistically...    if it was that easy  we would all be doing it
...  I
 > know I would be...

Actually, this is a great exercise in Tesla Coil design math... We've covered it a bit before.. But, Steven, get one of the tools and start running some numbers.. start with a 200 ft high by 50 ft diameter secondary. Figure out a toroid that will fit. Rummage through that McMaster-Carr catalog for parts.. How many miles of wire? How much will it weigh? How will you support it? What will the wire cost?"

	Here's a design made with a simple QuickBasic program I use; didn't
tweak for exactly 60 Hz:

Coil diameter		50 feet
Coil length			200 feet
Toroid OD			100 feet
Ring OD				25 feet
Wire length			4,461,972 feet
Wire weight			89463 pounds
DC resistance		8080 ohms
Inductance			2720 henries
Coil capacitance		1013 uufd
Toroid capacitance	1295 uufd
Total capacitance		2908 uufd
Resonant frequency	65 Hz
Q w/o streamers	108

I think I got all the decimal places right.  Get started building!