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Original poster: Nir Weingarten <nirzvi@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi guys

> I see you are using what appear to MO capacitors,
> interesting to see
> how they hold up in tesla duty"
> 	I can't imagine them working at all, even in that
> string, considering
> their large capacitance.

Yea, well I bought those caps from 'rs Israel'.
each one is 1500vdc and 0.047uf
by connecting 4 strings of 12 caps in series I got a
great voltage point and the desired capacitance
once again a big thank you for Alan Sharp ;-)

>The freaky dots are caused by the light from your >spark gap. Because you >moved the camera a lot during the long exposure, >they smear all over >the >frame. The spark gap light is not continuous but a >series of very short >flashes so that explains why it appears as a chain >of dots.

That would explain some captures, but surely not all.
the dots on your web page are similar in size and
shape but not in pattern. The dots I captured were
like sin waves...very freaky... I even had a neighbor
sarcastically suggesting a message from god...
Not to mention the reddish-yellowish bows on some
photos... wheres terry to sort things up??

Best wishes

                                              Nir(NOT NEAR) Weingarten