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> Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner@xxxxxxxxxxx> > > >Please respond on the bizarre phenomenons... > > The freaky dots are caused by the light from your spark gap. Because you > moved the camera a lot during the long exposure, they smear all over the > frame. The spark gap light is not continuous but a series of very short > flashes so that explains why it appears as a chain of dots. > > I've seen some similar dots in my pictures on this page > > http://www.scopeboy.com/tesla/t2tl.html >

If your referring to the vertical row of dots heading up from the spark gap.
Its probably caused by crosstalk from saturated pixels in the transfer
circuits of the video. Its was and is a common problem. Its dependent on how
the read out is performed and how that is traversed to the series video
output or moved to the edge of the detector array for read out. Its probaly
not a good idea to let the camera view the spark or for that mater
unprotected eyeballs.

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