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Re: Spark gap

Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie" <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I was planning on using my leaf blower to push air through my TCBOR/Richard Quick spark gap. Is this too much airflow? I have 8, 1/2 (0.5) inch copper pipes inside a 6" diameter piece of PVC. Also, it looks like I can get in one more piece of copper pipe for an even 8 spark gaps. I have been advised to set the total, overall gap to 0.2 inches/8 = 0.025 per gap. Of course with the brass bolts sticking out the side of the PVC, I can run any number of gaps I want from 1 to 8. I was also advised that once the spark gap is completed, it is a real BEAR to try to reset the gaps and in fact that once it is set and running well, that I should permanently fix the copper pipe electrodes with epoxy to keep them from migrating and ruining my setup.

I also have a shop vac that I can use to suck air through the spark gap. The shop vac doesn't move nearly as much air as the leaf blower. I am using a 15kV 30mA NST. Is this spark gap overkill in the first place or does this sound like a good plan? BTW, 21 inch x 4 inch secondary with 1100 turns, 14 turn 0.25 inch copper tubing primary flat, and 3.5 inch x 15 inch toroid. Oh yeah, .01 mF primary cap.

Finally, if I use the spark gap with 8 gaps, do I start off using all 8 gaps? Or, do I start with one and work my way up as I tune and adjust the coil?

Thanks a bunch.
Paul Brodie
Think Positive
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> Soda cans are too large. You need some 1/2 inch OD (3/8 inch ID) straight
> copper pipe --- not tubing which always has some curvature.
> You can buy a straight copper pipe at a plumbing shop. Some shops might
> have some "cut-offs" 2-3 feet long which would be perfect to use for the
> copper tubes. De-bur the ends with a file and sandpaper to encourage
> sparking along the length of the tube.
> You may need a machinist with a milling machine to do the layout for the
> fastener holes --- you want the pipes to be as parallel as possible and a
> mill makes it a snap. Two fastener holes per tube holds them in perfect
> parallel alignment. The machine shop instructor at your school can help you
> with this.
> 7-8 tubes inside a 6 inch dia. PVC tube with a 75-100 CFM fan below it works
> very wall with a 12/30 or 15/30 xmfr. Use duct tape to shape the airflow
> from the fan to the tube but keep it away from the HV.
> Dr. Resonance
> >
> > Would soda cans make a good replacement for copper pipes in the spark gap?
> > Or should I just go out and buy the pipes? I ask because i'm operating on
> a
> > budget here. I almost just had my school pay for for the capacitors, but
> my
> > parents said that they could afford $54 dollars.( originally we thaught I
> > would need 45 capacitors at about $3 a peice) :) Thanks again Dr.
> Resonance.
> > Steven Steele
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