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Original poster: jdwarshui@xxxxxxxxx

Hello: from Jared and Larry

We just finished running a groundless two part resonant transformer in
the Marsha configuration. We had a half wave on one side and a one and
a half wave on the other side.

When we were finished examining this configuration (which worked very
well), we then unraveled half of the wire from the half wave coil and
ran it out the window into the back yard.  Zigzagged the rather long
wire between two parallel fences using clear sticky tape to insulate.

We ran the remainder of the wire back through the window and around
Larry's living room to the back side of the one and a half wave coil.

Fired it up and it ran (not great, but simply-ok-) with four inch
sparks on each side of the completed loop.

Moral of the story: The wave velocity down the wire is C. It does not
matter if the wire is straight or bent around a solenoid, the velocity
is unaffected and holds steady at C

For reproducibility:
We used a total of 1235.7 meter of 31 gauge wire wound around  2.4
inch O.D. PVC. pipe  At the wire length this gave us a tank frequency
of  486,000 hz. Our top end capacitors are metal tape covered two inch
diameter Styrofoam balls (not a perfect LC match).

We will be examining this basic system more closely in the near
future, to ascertain the effectiveness of groundless single wire power

This is an unusually dangerous experiment, if you want to reproduce it
please be careful.