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RE: Relativity and tesla coils

Original poster: "Godfrey Loudner" <ggreen@xxxxxxxx>

Hello Robert

Yes, relativity does not say anything new about tesla coils in regard to
their actual behavior. However, relativity does yield an improved
conceptional understanding of electromagnetism, such as the equivalence
of electric and magnetic fields. But even this equivalence is not
important or even aiding in any mathematical approach to tesla coils.
The relativistic versions of Maxwell equations are more for the
conceptualization of quantum field theories.

Checkout Lecture 12 at
http://web.mit.edu/course/8/8.022/OldFiles/www/syllabus.html. This is a
an ongoing Spring 2005 course at MIT. I've been following the course to
improve my understanding of electromagnetism. Also, I can say that I
took a course at MIT!!!

Godfrey Loudner

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GL. My magnetic fields are built with wire and current, Coulomb only
defined the effect. But then My coils and I are old and dont follow your
new way.
       Robert   H