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Re: Streamer colour

Original poster: Paul Friedman <paul.a.friedman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi, Ed you are correct. SF6 + H20 will form> H2SO3 &SO4 (sulphuric acid)
also the biggy, HF(hydroflouric acid) which eats glass, metal, wood, and
flash. The danger is HF burns don't heal they must cut from the burn area.
There many other gases and compounds formed not sane persons would
like to play with. Note five miles from where I live is a company who's solo
project as a contractor for the US goverment uses SF6 in a chamber to test
thier caps for an atom smasher. Guess what they use for oil? Yes treated
soy bean.                   the hazmat inspector knows   Paul F.
Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: Ed Phillips

At Wendover, it was a SF6 gap but it formed acids that attacked the
construction materials. Nitrate problems with H2O formed HNO3 ---

Dr. Resonance"

Just curious. How could H2O or HNO3 form in an atmosphere of pure