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Re: Streamer colour

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Hi Terry, Everybody,
The primary reason to not reveal the quench (at this recent time) was so that nobody would get damaged or kill themselves or family with very dangerous gas. One of the items used at some point did attack metal and parts, as the Doctor has pointed out, so you can imagine what would happen to living (for a short while) tissue. In holding back information (at this recent time) it was in the spirit of protection for some coiler that otherwise might go after a method to get faster quench or more length. Better to be safe than get that extra footage.
Some of the old timers (spoken with respect, after all, I am an old buzzard, in training, myself) were aware of the dangerous nature of various mixtures, which is not to say that the one spoken of in these messages is exactly the one refused, but that one now spoken of, in the least, at some point, was used. It was hoped that those who knew, would see instinctively the potential danger to new coilers that might try an old style coil and try the stuff. Thus, it was hoped that what was in the archives or personal knowledge, be left there regarding this one hazard point in the system, of many. One of the dangerous mixtures was extracted and posted anyway. Please, if you do not know how to handle the stuff, do not, I beg the tempted reader.
This was the logic, (at this recent time) to notch out that risk to a newbie, who sometimes does something before thinking.
I have returned to this message I had not made reply to yet (you all know how fast other messages can pop in and I was reading them, too, for a more complete reply). I was also following most of the links provided which is certainly handy.
Because there have been informational gaps, some people have come to conclusions, but not always the right ones, so I may help rectify out a couple.
First, the coil was made because Bob Golka's primary interest was in ball lightning and Tesla had reported something that seemed like ball lightning events. The coil was not initially built for schuman cavity, interest came later on that. Because Bob has been chasing down ball lightning some ~ 4 decades now, it is understandable he would follow any reported road to duplicate and study it.Thus, the only way to know if Tesla had seen ball lightning was to make a coil which was linked to these reports. He set up initially out on the salt flats and there were problems
because the hard crust of salt had beneath it not too far, water. He had also been flooded out.
The salt, wicked up the wood (he was trying to duplicate Tesla as close as he could out there, for like BL results) and made the wood conductive. This was not good for a high voltage system.
He ended up cutting the wood above the contaminated sections and adding a PVC or like material which would not wick up the salt. And again, he was flooded out.
Contacts were made, he ended up with the hangar at Wendover, which he fixed up and kept up.
Gathering what he could, he moved onward, following a learning curve. Experiments are like that. He put an amazing amount of time and effort into that experiment. How he met and interacted with different coilers, I do not know but he has said many that visited were really nice people, some local lay people came and worked with him in the efforts that were many.
Keeping in mind his primary focus was to end up being able to make man made ball lightning so he could study it, the coil was mainly a tool in that path, because if he could understand how nature kept these discharges going for even short times, he might understand the process with enough study. That could possibly lead to an understanding of cold fusion.
So, this was research to Bob. As he was aware that other people were also looking into ball lightning and thus cold fusion, especially after the oil crunch, he knew that if some people picked up too much, they could beat him to the punch.
Thus, if somebody was asking about a portion of his project he felt was sensitive , he would not give the information. More, if he did not trust them,. he did not want them there at all.
When you are doing research, you have to watch your back, especially where big money could be the prize stolen. This would not be the first time Bob had been ripped off for ideas so yes, he was suspicious if somebody too smart was around and also if somebody that seemed too stupid, who was really not, was around.
As experiments progressed and failed, too, he kept refining things.Bigger bangs could mean getting the ball lightning to show up. Also, as anybody on this list knows, one you have coiled, well, like it or not, it is in you for life.
This was another reason to keep pushing the coil, just plain fun and research and hard work, all in one.
Bob is a very direct person, will push, be as rude and crude as needed to get the job done but he will not steal somebody else's work; If he did not achieve it, there would be no fun in getting it done.But having been ripped off, there were times that he questioned why somebody was looking here or there outside of norms.
He conflicted with other coilers who were curious at the wrong time. He conflicted with some coilers, who, after watching them for a long time, I would not trust in a commercial arena, either. So, to many, he was elusive, evasive, protective and on guard. He needed to be.
When the town wanted the building, the money demanded was very high and he had to pack it up. It had been transferred from Federal to town, who he had to fight the greed of. Science was his high motivation and anything not related to the experiments that took up his time, he resented.
In the course of studying Tesla's work, looking for anything which would be a clue to conditions leading to ball lightning, he did go over seas and he did get access to Tesla papers. In this study of Tesla, of course the schuman cavity thing came up and Bob was interested in testing the theory as an experiment. There were around him from time to time some Doctorates that could really work the numbers to make them come out any way they wished, the old razzle-dazzle. Hint:Coax.
One such well papered person convinced Bob that they could ionize a path with x-rays and guide a heavy discharge to a target or carry a directed discharge to a resonating antenna. This person tied Bob up nearly 2 years, Bob had the coil and was waiting for that person to come across with the X-ray. More math razzle-dazzle until Bob realized that the person was simply playing numbers. But in that time span, talk about trying the resonating experiment to see if weak signals could be sent and received at audio frequencies, would let him continue working with the coil and hope that the elusive ball lightning would pop up. So he was exposed to more fast razzle-dazzle with the big math and Bob ended up taking the shot at the resonance experiment, with plans in place that if it did work, they would be ready to move forward on it. If not, well, it was an experiment.
So, the new facility was secured and equipment was moved to the new site at the Climax Mine, Leadville, CO. Not all that far from where Tesla had done the earlier work.
Pictures will be posted in my hot-streamer area, likely over the weekend, of the stages of construction at the mine.
On one hand, was the person not able to make the x-ray work for ionizing air, which can now be done with a UV laser, on the other was the expert / doctorate that had manipulated the schuman numbers. Mainly, Bob had the coil, they had the math but Bob did know how to get the connections to the test antenna and run the system.
There was a large building which the coil was in and the tower built outside, quite a bit of work. This would not be a typical Tesla coil firing, the coil had to be pulsed at 8 Hz.
Some company came forward with a switching package but the electronics could not take the counter EMF and they were blowing. Under these conditions, the coil would not load up, there was also a new environment, the C of that building, different ground conditions, who knows but it did not really run right.
Also, I would suspect the tower had some strange loading effects to the system. I've also watched movies of this site as well as Wendover and watched the balancing of the large aluminum wheel, watched one of the helpers working with Bob (sound, too) question this or that about the large wheel, Bob giving him only what he needed to know, nothing further. By the way, when Bob left Wendover, that same helper took what he (not so stupid as it seemed) knew and saw and did go work with a coiler who Bob had considered a security risk.
Back at the Climax Mine, When the thing was running, one could hear the 8 Hz tick tick tick on AM radios for many miles if not tuned to a station.
But the experiment, as hoped for, did not work out. Again, that was to see how much signal would go how far, at this audio frequency. Bob did not expect power transfer, this was a range test but maybe, just maybe. Well, it flopped.
The keying system, which Bob kept trying to tell the Rep had to be better protected but you can not tell an OEM how to use their own product and have them listen. The Ph.D, or I should say, both of them, were more con artist than anything, molding theory to match the working conditions and results expected. Bob was had big time. All that time lost. About 2 months back, I spoke with a local to the Climax Mine who had worked with Bob, we talked about an hour. He bought from Bob the crank up tower portion of the outside antenna, the ball that sat on it is here hanging from the ceiling 20 feet away from me.
Contrary to a posted claim that creditors carried everything away, The loaners of equipment that did not work took back the borrowed equipment, back to the factory.
The coils taken apart were trucked to Texas and stored long term with the generators. Two tractor trailers made the trip to Texas with stuff. A few months ago, we learned the party that had granted storage on a huge property in Texas Bob trusted, had his own project going to do the hydrogen power for fuel thing and needed funding money.
When Bob was doing field research last summer in Arizona, he called that party to make plans for some of the equipment to be trucked here. The party was evasive, said that area was not accessible because of flooding, etc.
In the process, Bob found out that this party had sold diesel generators, other equipment from the trailers to raise money. He also found out that the wire for that coil, including the two turn MCM 600 parallel primary, was cut up for scrap and sold to get money. What remains Bob does not know but soon a trip will be made to see. So much for history.
After the trailers were stored in Texas, Bob went on to use submarines, which had Ball lightning reports over many years in experiments, these were tie up as floating museums and Bob got engines working to get the generators going.
He also got diesel-electric railroad engines, cars and a mile or so of track to use those power plants, shorting the megawatt power supplies with Submarine battery to motor contactors rated in thousands of amps, to try duplicating the reports.
In the posts prior to this answer, it was said , maybe a link, anyway, that Bob was using a 10,00 volt transformer. He later graduated to excide submarine batteries that weigh 1,036 pounds each, and one battery is 2 volts with 7,000 amp hour rating. He has several 12 volt packs and these can each do a constant 16,000 amp discharge.
For the high current experiments, he obtained, all never used or wet, 400 batteries of this nature. They were too heavy to truck in volume so he had them brought in by rail, then trucked in small batches loading until the GVW of the flatbed tractor trailers hit the legal weight limit.
We are doing many things here that are interesting. So, you wanted to know the story, that is the short version.

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Hi Mike,

If it was a SF6 style gap thing, it was well described in the TCBA news... Since I forgot which issue, maybe the secret is still safe ;-))

Sounds like some others already pretty much new all about it... Of course, if Bob made little tweeks or anything "special" to get it to work (especially at those super power levels), those secrets are still safe ;-))

I forget what SF6 breaks down as (I "should" know that!)... SF4 is probably one of the deadliest gasses known! But the bottom line is don't go playing with these things unless you know what you are doing!!! Of course, practically all the equipment in Bob's big coil could be very dangerous!! Just falling off the giant thing could be fatal!!

Fortunately, I don't think most of us are going to run out and wind a coil of that magnitude up tonight ;-))

Good warning about SF6. It used to be very expensive and hard to get hold of. But that is not so true these days... Not something one should go messing with!!

I was surprised that the coil seems to have been run over many years from 74 to 82 (?)!! I always thought it was just a one or two week experiment. Most of the data seems to have been early on, but the later stuff was probably secret. I thought I heard once that it was eventually moved to some small mountain town in Colorado. Can you give any details about what eventually became of the machine?

I have heard many accounts and spoken to people that actually saw the machine working and everyone was super impressed!!!



At 10:25 AM 4/1/2005, you wrote:
HI Phil,
              I am replying from work. He had a very fast quench there which
he developed but he will not release it. I know what it is but have to
respect his wishes; That was conditional to my posting the other info.
It is very dangerous not contained and even post contained, once arcs have
happened through the contents it becomes poison. I guess he did not want a
liability problem.
I know this is not in keeping with the sharing concept of the list but I am
told one whiff and it can put a person down. Much worse than ammonia.
Sorry that I have to say this but I have no choice.

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> Original poster: FIFTYGUY@xxxxxxx > > In a message dated 3/28/05 2:14:04 PM Eastern Standard Time, > tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes: > The data at: > > http://www.hot-streamer.com/mike2004/Wendover_Coil_Print_And_Spec.jpg > > Is the first "real" data I have seen about Bob Golka's coil!! > > Has the "secret" quench gap indicated on the Golka's spec sheet become > "declassified" yet? > And if I read Richard Hull's "Guide to the CSN" correctly, there's > little information on the gap that Tesla used at Colorado Springs? > > -Phil LaBudde > > >