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Re: watts, camels and too many beers?

Original poster: "john cooper" <tesla-at-tesla-coil-dot-com> 

I guess my misguided reference to watts and h.p. didn't go over too well, 
bad simile, and of course I know why and just picked a bad example to point 
out the exasperation I've had with the group trying to agree on the basics, 
like energy and power.  Jeez, how much more basic can this be.  I can crack 
open a textbook too and copy whatever, what we need are concrete terms to 
build upon.  Didn't really think this would be so difficult, with all the 
engineers about, maybe I missed that one defining post, if so, I stand 
corrected and apologize to all.

Now for some comic relief:


Soon to be accessible directly from www.FrankensteinsLab-dot-com

Does anyone remember this url?  I've had it for years and forgot about it 2 
or 3 years ago, just found out that I still own it last week.