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Re: more RFI filter questions

Original poster: "J. B. Weazle McCreath" <weazle-at-hurontel.on.ca> 

At 06:37 AM 27/06/04 -0600, you wrote:

 >Original poster: "steve" <steve_vance-at-cablelynx-dot-com>
 >Hi List,
 >I have bought four Corcom 30vsk6 filters off of ebay.  They are rated
 >30A, 250V.  I would like to use them on my 5 KVA pig powered coil.
 >Steve Vance

Hi Steve, Coilers,

My advise would be to hook them up normal, ground the case to the power
ground (green wire), and put the two in series.  With their ratings, I
see nothing to be gained by paralleling them, as you're well within the
amperage with your 5 KVA pig.  I went an extra measure by putting some
MOVs from line to ground on the line side of the filter, just in case
a few transcients do manage to get through.

73, Weazle, VE3EAR/VE3WZL

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