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Re: Phase controller question.

Original poster: FutureT-at-aol-dot-com 


I don't understand why the motor would change from a 220V motor
to a 90 volt motor after modification.  I understand that the motor
may lock into sync at 90 volts, but generally the full supply voltage
is supplied to the motor anyway.  Did you rewind the motor
windings or something?  If you supply only the minimum voltage
that can lock the motor into sync, then it may lose sync under load
when the rotor is attached.  Or perhaps you have the rotor attached
already?  Generally if the motor is run at such a low voltage, it
may have trouble remaining sync'ed over the full variac phase
controller range.  Maybe the system is only giving a
limited phase adjustment range because you're feeding the motor
such a low voltage?  I would use 220 volts for the motor and not
use the stepdown transformer unless something unusual is going
on that I don't know about in your system.