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ASRSG motor help

Original poster: "steve" <steve_vance-at-cablelynx-dot-com> 

Hi list,
  I need some help trying to figure out a motor's RPM. I plan on building a
400 bps ASRSG using a motor out of a vacuum. I taped a small piece of white
plastic on the end of the shaft like a propeller then I powered it up slowly
under florescent lighting using a variac. Someone please correct me if I'm
wrong, or tell me if I'm right on this. At about 15% power I get a pattern
with 8 sections. I believe this should be around 800 RPMs. At 22% I have a
pattern with 4 sections. I believe this is around 1800 RPM. At 28% I have 2
sections, I figure 3600rpm. At 32% I get another 2 section stationary
pattern and again at 36%. What rpm would 32% and 36% be? I need about 6000

Steve Vance