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Re: SSTC does 10 foot sparks

Original poster: "John Couture" <johncouture-at-bellsouth-dot-net> 

Robert -

The voltage regulation of a TC is very poor. When you add a load to the TC
output the voltage drops very fast. The idea would be to load the TC so that
voltage is lowered to the amount you want to work with. If you have a TC
produces 1 million volts and you load it with a series of resistors the
voltage will drop to a much lower value. Your job would be to determine the
number, ohms, and wattage of the resistors.

This is real easy to do with a small TC at any output voltage. It also gives
you a good method to find the overall efficiency of your coil. With big
coils you need big wattage and expensive resistors that will be producing a
lot of heat.

It is interesting to note that a Tesla coil is the only ultra high voltage
electrical device that you can load without the voltage going to almost
zero. In fact this is one of the reasons that Tesla invented this type of
electrical apparatus. He needed both ultra high voltage and high power.

John Couture

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 > John; When is the last time you tried to load 1 million volts into a
 > resistor,  Good Luck
 >       Most peoiple just gauge power in vs spark out. I gauge only volts
 > not spark lengh as I use my TC as a voltage source only. Have fun
 >        Robert   H
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 >  > Hello John
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 >  > They use to load tesla coils with x-ray tubes. Heating up the filament
 >  > to the proper level for a given tube, the current through the tube
 >  > perhaps be measured. Maybe this sort of data could be worked back to
 >  > something about output. Of course, shielding from x-rays would be a
 >  > problem.
 >  >
 >  > Godfrey Loudner
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 >  >> Maybe we should just test the TC output with a resistive load like
 >  > electrical generators >are tested.
 >  >
 >  >> John Couture
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