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Re: Tool Question

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Subject: Tool Question

 > Original poster: "Harold Weiss" <hweiss-at-new.rr-dot-com>
 > Hi All,
 > Tonight, my Craftsman router puked a good sized fireball at me.  As it's
 > 30-40 years old, I'm going to replace it.  Any ideas on a good router.
 > thinking about Porter Cable or DeWalt.
As one who owns a woodshop and who has gone thru several routers I would go
with the Porter Cable for sure! The new ones with "finger tightening " for
depth are nice.(the 690 LR heavy duty with a 1001-T2 base is a nice little
router.) I still use my old 100-M with a 100-B base.I think they are selling
a new version of this.(If you want that retro look). I also still have, and
use, 2 old Craftsman 315 series routers.Most of the Dewalt stuff I've gotten
hasn't held up real well.Especially stuff like drills and sanders.This is
just my experience. Im sure there are plenty of people that have no problems
with their Dewalt/Black and Decker stuff.
Bill Mck.