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Re: power v energy measurements, was Re: SSTC does 10 foot sparks

Original poster: Chris Roberts <quezacotl_14000000000000-at-yahoo-dot-com> 

Hello everybody,

Well, I hope that I can explain this correctly and that it will make sense 
to everyone...

Okay, I understand the argument for rating coils by energy. For an extreme 
example, (I know that this can't practicably happen in real life, it is 
just an extreme example to better visualize everything) we can have 
somebody's coil charge at 1 watt for months, then release it all in a split 
second in a tremendous megajoule bang that would give you one heck of a 
spark. One the other hand, you can get somebody who plugs their coil right 
into the output of a multimegawatt nuclear plant and get the same spark in 
a fraction of the time. Now, from a wattage standpoint, it looks like the 
former coil is more efficent.

In real life though, our coils run at a relatively constant bps speed. I 
mean, even if steve's coil was running at something like 25 bps with 
massive bang sizes it still would look constant to the naked eye. And that 
is really all that we are shooting for, right? I mean, if you are stressing 
your house's electrical mains and you can't increase the power input for 
fear of melting your wires in the house, but figure out how to push a few 
inches of spark by kicking the bang sizes up, then in my mind that is being 
more effecient. After all, in the end we all are just trying to make the 
sparks as big as possible. =D

-Chris Roberts