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Re: Jim Mitchell SSTC help!

Original poster: Fucian-at-aol-dot-com 

Actually you are wrong on a few points.

1-The interruptor doesnt "mangle" the baord in any way?
2-The chips burn up and die FAST with CW action, and do not produce 
"swordlike" streamers in any way. Just a brush discharge. Maybe with a 
hellishly beefy halfbridge and voltage doubler...
3-Half wave DC isnt needed at all! The interruptor is just as amusing and 
the effects are similar.I currently use 2 3500uF 500volt caps in a voltage 
doubler and get VERY POWERFUL arcs. In fact, I beleive the interruptor is 
the KEY to getting good results fromt his baords design. The UCC pair 
really limits what can be done w/o one. I am now driving a FULL BRIDGE of 
miniblock IGBTs and am doing great!They are rated at 20nF each as well.

So in all, USE an INTERRUPTOR!It will make this work really well and with 
just about any switching scheme.