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Re: SSTC does 10 foot sparks

Original poster: "Eastern Voltage Research Corporation" <dhmccauley-at-easternvoltageresearch-dot-com> 

With these new high power coils, you are apt to kill IGBTs regardless of the
learning process.
Its part of the game altogether.

 >From my experience I have to say these ISSTCs are just as loud as their SG

Also, most of the sound from a SG tesla coil DOES NOT come from the spark


 > Steve,
 > This is a very impressive power vs spark length ratio! I
 > may have to consider giving up on the pig coils and try
 > to build one of these SSTC  coils to get that kind of
 > performance. I fear that I, like some of the others have
 > mentioned, am too unfamiliar w/ solid state electronics
 > to comfortably take on building a SSCT of this magnitude. I know that
 > of this magnitude don't
 > come cheap if you fry one or two of them in the learning
 > process :^O
 > BTW, are these 10 ft streamers as loud as equivalent 10
 > ft streamers from a pig driven coil pulling around 7 to 8
 > kVA? I figure that they probably aren't just because the
 > absence of a SG if for no other reason.
 > David Rieben