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RE: Variacs Wanted

Original poster: "rb" <randyaz-at-cableone-dot-net> 

Watch out for the ebay bids on the china models.  If you get one go to the
site listed earlier in the thread.  Its the same people so dont pay more
than you have to...

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Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist-at-twfpowerelectronics-dot-com>


The China variacs are "cheap" and check them all out if you get
one....  But they really do "work"...  No match for the 100+ year life of
the expensive American ones.  But they will run a coil just fine.  Check
Ebay first since really nice variacs go there for very good
prices!!!  That's where I get mine....



At 03:48 PM 6/14/2004, you wrote:
 >Hi Steve,
 >Yes,  the one I bought (from the canadian outfit) had the wiring of the
 >power cord (input) reversed such that the circuit breaker was in the
 >path.  When the variac was set to 0 volts out,  the output plug had both
 >neutral and hot at 120 Vac.  A short from one of the outputs to safety
 >ground (with the output knob at zero) resulted in an unprotected current
 >path.  If you buy one, check the wiring and fix it.  Otherwise it is an OK
 >unit.  Some of the workmanship is shoddy, but if you are willing to redo
 >the unit will be fine.  The basic core and winding is fine.
 >Gerry R
 > > Original poster: "S&JY" <youngsters-at-konnections-dot-net>
 > >
 > > Does anyone have one or two 120V 60 Hz 20A variacs they want to sell?
 > >
 > > Does anyone have any experience with the recently made available new
 > > 20A Chinese variacs that are for sale on Ebay and other places?  They
 > > for $100 - $110 which is not a bad price if they are any good.
 > >
 > > Thanks,
 > > --Steve Young
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