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Re: Arc'ing in my variac

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance-at-jvlnet-dot-com> 

Yes, use a RFC filter and a hash filter between your variac and the HV xmfr.

Hash filter is just 60 turns of #14 AWG house wiring wound around a 2 inch
ID PVC pipe.  Silicone some steel rods, or bolts with heads cut off, into
the PVC tube.

This dual filtering effect should clean up your variac sparks.

Also, check to be sure your variac brushes are not at the end of their life.
This could also cause arcing.

Dr. Resonance

Resonance Research Corporation
E11870 Shadylane Rd.
Baraboo   WI   53913
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Subject: Arc'ing in my variac

 > Original poster: Pat Masterson <bat-at-grumman-dot-com>
 > I was tuning my small coil (15/30 NST) and noticed little sparks dancing
 > around the windings of my variac. Is there something fundamentally wrong
 > with the setup, or do I need an RFI filter between the variac and the
 > NST? The variac is an older model, and has no 3rd wire (ground) on its
 > AC line.  -pat