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suggestion for list

Original poster: "Brian" <ka1bbg-at-webryders-dot-net> 

Hi, there is a lot of "inventing/devising/improvising going on in solid 
state coil work. Why not just put the entries in dated order and classed by 
description such as "oltc or "sstc" and have the author write a brief 
statement about his circuit..let the reader decide "who" had the first 
"what" instead of saying" i think he/she was the inventor of xx??tc" if the 
author has a patent then it should be in the brief description. another 
classification type might include reference to work simular to/and or 
modified by the author.
perhaps the author might invite questions and leave his e-mail address also.
The list might become a great list and reference for later use.
Happy sparking, Brian Foley
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