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Re: price vs performance of spun aluminum toroid

Original poster: Mddeming-at-aol-dot-com 

Hi Christopher,
     The spun toroid will probably give you the best spark length for size 
ratio, if that's your thing. However, if you are concerned with incremental 
length per incremental dollar, it may or may not be worth YOUR dollars. 
It's like upgrading from Ford to Ferrari - the performance is definitely 
better in the latter, but the decision is much more 
emotional-aesthetic-psychosexual than the engineering numbers or price tag 
can reveal.

Matt D.
"It ain't the first inch that makes the smile, it's the last one" Mae West? 
ca. 1932?

In a message dated 6/16/04 9:26:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
tesla-at-pupman-dot-com writes:
 > And would said spun aluminum toroid boost performance
 > at a high enough level to rationalize said price?
 > Sorry for all the questions, but my budget is once again
 > starting to see low tide, and I need to watch every
 > penny... although this does not mean an end to coiling.
 > --