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Re: ISSTC Components

Original poster: "Steven Ward" <srward16-at-hotmail-dot-com> 


>Original poster: "Dan" <pbursa-at-cfl.rr-dot-com>
>I think the real break trough is that Jimmy and Steve started using
>resonating primary ... That's what makes DRSSTC and ISSTC different from
>SSTC running in the interrupted mode.

This is true...

> >  > the "inventor" of the ISSTC, i guess this makes me feel a bit more
> >  > emotional about this related issue.
> >  >
> >  > Regards,
> >  >
> >  > Steve Ward
> >
> > That's a pretty bold claim considering that Mark Barton ran his
> > MOSFET coil in both CW and interrupted mode years ago. I once thought
> > that a Marx bank I developed was an innovation since I used chokes
> > instead of resistors as the charging elements.

Im somewhat aware of Marks work... but it seems as im finding out im not 
being truly innovative in any manner... just that others have not been well 

Then a kind person
> > the States gave me a copy of Sargent and Dollinger's "High Power
> > Electronics" and I saw "my" wonderfully innovative scheme described
> > in graphic detail and written up long before I hit upon the idea.

Yeah... thats starting to happen here as well.  Dan McCauley has been 
looking for SSTC history and indeed others have done similar to what i have.

> > That's not to belittle your achievement in any way but just to make
> > known that an exhaustive search for prior art is not a bad thing
> > before making claims of originality.

Agreed.  but...

IF people had done such things in the past, why is it that people are 
amazed when these new SSTCs are more efficient at making long sparks that 
spark gap coils???  I mean... SOMETHING is different here ;).  Did the 
technology exist 10 years ago but somehow was forgotten?  I dont think 
thats possible with such a tight group as the TCML and coilers in general.

I also must note that when i claimed to be the inventor of the *ISSTC* i 
simply meant to clarify because it is MY coil that has sparked Dan Ms work 
that John Cooper was then refering to.. not really to make a bold claim of 
originality.  Still, point well taken.


> >
> > Malcolm
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