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Re: Australian and New Zealand Coilers

Original poster: "Paul Arrowsmith" <p_t_arrowsmith-at-hotmail-dot-com> 

I will forward your message on, thanks for keeping me informed.
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Subject: Re: Australian and New Zealand Coilers

 > Original poster: Edward Wingate <ewing7-at-rochester.rr-dot-com>
 > Tesla list wrote:
 >  >
 >  > Original poster: "Paul Arrowsmith" <p_t_arrowsmith-at-hotmail-dot-com>
 >  >
 >  > Any Australian and New Zealand Coilers ( or any one else interested)
 >  > has not yet joined the Tesla Coil Builders of Australia list can do so
 >  > sending me an e-mail to me at
 >  > Our members are very spread out, some in remote isolated areas, the
 >  > helps bring us into a group.
 >  > A small Sydney Teslathon is under early planning stages, a first for
 >  > part of the world.
 >  > The Tesla Coil Builders of Australia (TCBoA) web site
 >  > <http://tcboa-dot-org.au/>http://tcboa-dot-org.au/ is now up again but most of
 >  > is still under construction.
 >  > Safe Coiling
 >  > Paul
 > Hi Paul,
 > I'm not a member of the TCBOA, but I see a picture of my lab and
 > magnifier in the photo gallery and can't find a reference to the owner.
 > Kylii was very gracious in putting my name under the very same photo
 > when it was displayed on the intro page on the original TCBOA web site
 > some time ago. Since the new site is a WIP, I would assume that she
 > plans to give me credit for the photo when the photo gallery page/web
 > site is complete.
 > It's nice to see that Tesla coiling is alive and well in Australia.
 > Kudos to our friends down under and best wishes for your first Sydney
 > Teslathon.
 > Ed Wingate RATCB