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Re: bulk toroid order 24 x 12 x 6 inch size

Original poster: John Pepper <jspepper-at-lbl.gov> 

Has anyone ever tried using "metal blowing  & exhaust hose" from 
Mcmaster.  It is both thicker and smoother than corrugated aluminum 
hose.  One could build a 12x60 toroid for about $200 using 12 feet of part 
number 55015K48.


Tesla list wrote:

>Original poster: "Gerry Reynolds" <gerryreynolds-at-earthlink-dot-net>
>Hi Dr R,
>What are you meaning by 24x12x6.  I thought we described toroids by major
>and minor diameters?  Are you also considering larger toroids like 8x30 or
>Gerry R