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Re: ISSTC Components

Original poster: "john cooper" <tesla-at-tesla-coil-dot-com> 

Hello All:

I'm building an ISSTC and an OLTC and am busy accumulating parts.  Buying 
these one at a time is brutal so I've gone the route of purchasing 25 to 
100 of each component.  If anyone needs a source for these parts check out 
this page on my web:

http://www.tesla-coil-dot-com/ForSale.htm   the parts are at the top.

If I'm missing any commonly used components on that page, let me know and 
I'll see about stocking some.  I'll be updating that page as parts arrive 
so check often if the price isn't yet listed.  I'm checking Digikey and 
Avnet prices (which is typically a 50 piece minimum) to make sure that mine 
are less and unlike Digikey, I have no 5.00 handling charge, figure a 
dollar for shipping as most will fit inside a small cushioned envelope and 
1.00 per IGBT as they're somewhat heavy and will require a small 
box.  Also, I've data sheets for all components listed, let me know if you 
need a copy (pdf format).