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Needed: SSTC History and Achievements

Original poster: "Eastern Voltage Research Corporation" <dhmccauley-at-easternvoltageresearch-dot-com> 

Hello all,

I'm trying to compile a historical list of SSTC achievements and its
evolution.  In particular I'm looking to find out major accomplishments and
firsts in the field with names and dates (year).  I'm looking to use this
information for a presentation I'm giving and also to document it officially
on my website.

So far, I've come up with a basic historical framework which I've gathered
from some information from Richie Burnett and a few others.

Please respond with all your comments, corrections, additions, etc... so
that I can add them etc...
Also, i made up the different generation names just in a feeble attempt to
organize different accomplishments.
Also, if you think the categories are bogus, let me know also.

First Generation SSTCs
First SSTCs were made using TV flyback transformers (dates anyone?)

Second Generation SSTCs
Duane Bylund's Magnifier driver using bipolar devices (dates?)
Alan Sharp's work using MOSFETs and ferrites to base-feed secondary
resonators (dates?)

Third Generation SSTCs (full-bridge topologies)
Mark Barton first to use full-bridge topology and primary driven SSTC (early
Rob Lytle first to pulse SSTC using half-bridge topology claiming to get
spark gap coil like arcs (early 1990's?)
Richie Burnett - contributions in how full-bridge inverter actually works
when driving resonant loads (dates?)
Richie Burnett - first to audio modulate solid state tesla coil (2001)
Daniel McCauley - first 3MHz SSTC tesla coil - full bridge topology (2003)
Richie Burnett - 4MHz RF Class-E? tesla coil (2004)

Fourth Generation SSTCs (self-resonant topologies)
Jan Wagner (first self resonant design???)
Justin Hayes (first self-resonant antenna design) (2002?)
Steve Ward - first Marx-type inverter based SSTC
Jimmy Hynes - first DRSSTC
Steve Ward - first ISSTC

OLTC work ? ? ? (i have no clue about names in this category - please fill
in with appropriate dates) and what category it should go in.

Please comment on anything thats incorrect, missing, or whatever.

Thanks much!