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Re: Bleed resistors for MMC caps

Original poster: "Peter Terren" <pterren1-at-iinet-dot-net.au> 

I use 3 bleed resistors per cap.  Others use one standard one and get away
with it. Others use none at all. I am not sure what the right approach is.
I don't know anyone who is using the HV ones in view of the cost.
Is that helpful?
Peter (Tesla Downunder)

 > -----Original Message-----
 >    I'm collecting parts for an MMC cap. I've going with
 > 942C20P15K's for the caps but I'm not sure what to use
 > for bypass resistors. The 1/2 watt 10M ohm seems to be
 > reasonable but I can't find a resistor rated for 2000
 > volts - 350normal/700max is the most I can find.
 > Chris