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Re: dielectric strenghts

Original poster: "john cooper" <tesla-at-tesla-coil-dot-com> 

Polychloroprene, aka, Neoprene, has a dielectric constant of 6.6 at 1kHz, 
6.3 at 1MHz and 4.2 at 1GHz (p. 13-15), these numbers can vary with 
density, purity and degree of crystallinity, et. al.  It has a dielectric 
strength kV/mm of 15.7 - 27.6 (p. 15-37, Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 
83rd 2002-2003 Ed.)

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 >Original poster: "Anthony" <ant17-at-optushome-dot-com.au>
 >hi guys i was hoping someone could tell me what the dielectric strenght of
 >neoprene rubbers is