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RE: ISSTC questions

Original poster: "David Trimmell" <humanb-at-chaoticuniverse-dot-com> 

Hi, I appreciate the suggestions. I am running on 190V max DC using
5800uF electrolytic filter cap between the full wave bridge and the
Half-bridge. I think there are two things I am going to try; one, reduce
the number of primary turns to 5 (from 8), and two make the last turn
and a half tapable (is that a real word?). I need to find the actual
frequency with topload of my coil, will use my frequency meter or scope.
But calculate ~170-180 KHz. Then tune the tank in. We will see... Oh
yeah, I am also using a GDT with 16 turns 1:1:1, so I am only getting
+15V and -15V to the gates, so does it really improve performance to go
to 1:2:2 (+30V & -30V)? Or is that more for stability at high power? I
guess I don't really understand the idea of pushing the gate voltage up
so high.

But must say I think worst problem I am having with this is with my Wife
Will tell you, these guys are loud! And, of course, I have to try and
see just how shrill I can get this baby! I need those 20 acres in the
wilderness more than ever! Would help with some of my Pyro experiments
also ;-)

Thanks for the input,

David Trimmell

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It sounds like you may have just not found the optimal tuning point for
You need to tune the ISSTC just as you would a spark gap coil.

Also, what voltage are you running your mains at (120VAC?  240VAC ? ? ?)
For 120VAC, 36" to 48" seems about right to me.


  > Hi all, I have a question for the New Age SSTC Folk (NASSTCF ;-) )
  > my "Interrupted" "wantabe" DRSSTC: Presently I seem to be getting
  > only 15-20" sparks using my Steve Ward style driver and 40 Amp IGBT
  > Half-Bridge. I am now trying my 6" secondary with the same spark
  > my 4" ??? I have my driver running pretty stable using a current
trany for
  > self-res, and have played much with pulse rate and duration. Yes I
have a
  > nice range of both...
  > But I wonder if I need a lower pri L, as I have 24.3uH (8 turns #10
on a
  > ~10.5" form with bottom turn equal to bottom of 6" secondary)?
  > So what have others found to be the most Synergistic size primary
  > things? Keep it low and increase primary C? Do I need tighter
  > Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  > Regards,
  > David Trimmell