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Re: High Voltage Output

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance-at-jvlnet-dot-com> 

Voltage sec = Voltage pri * SQR (n * L sec / L pri)

Essentially it's the square root of the sec. coil's inductance divided by
the pri coil's inductance x the pri potential in peak kV (1.414 * Erms).

n is an efficiency factor that is determined for each coil setup.

spark length doesn't apply directly to voltage because the high current in
the spark can produce a long plasma (spark) that isn't necessarily

It does not depend at all on any of the 3 factors you listed.

Dr. Resonance

 >    As someone relatively new to this hobby (still building my first TC) I
 > haven't fully grasped all the principles involved. One thing that has me
 > puzzled is this: what determines the high voltage output of a Tesla coil?
 > If not the step-up ratio of the coil itself, then how about:
 > -Firing rate of spark gap
 > -Size of tank capacitor
 > -Operating frequency of coil
 > -All of the above?
 >    Just curious, as this may be something to consider as I design my own
 > Chris