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Re: NSTand PT replacement xmfrs

Original poster: "Robert Hanford" <pomnept-at-comcast-dot-net> 

Please count me in-- I am very interested. Also, will you be selling pole
transformers at your next Teslathon ?
Robert Hanford
 > Our goal is to have a working acceptable xmfr developing 16 kV (CT
 > like a neon) at 250 mA and current limited so an external reactor will not
 > be requires.  A pair or trio of these connected in parallel could form the
 > equivalent of a pole xmfr without the required external reactance.
 > It appears this might happen soon --- perhaps by the end of July or
 > A lot of experimenters have contacted me off-list and declared interest in
 > this xmfr.  It hopefully will soon be a reality.  I trust by mid-July to
 > have availability and pricing available to those experimenters.
 > Keep the faith,
 > Dr. Resonance