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Re: Does a "regulating" coil really waste energy?

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> .  While for 
> the first firing the secondary Q is probably quite high pre spark, one would 
> expect the Q to take a dive in the subsequent cycles, as the breakout 
> voltage dips to almost nothing.  My experimental setups have never been able 
> to prove/disprove this, owing to 1950s vintage test equipment!
> -Dave-


I have a coil which barely breaks out.  Sometimes it can
run for about 10 seconds before it breaks out.  One time it stopped
breaking out after it started breaking out.  This seems to suggest
to me that the breakout voltage remains rather high even with
subsequent bangs/breakouts.  I would think that if the breakout
voltage falls to almost nothing, then the coil would not have stopped
breaking out after it once started.  Unless I missing something?