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Re: Isolation transformer - MOT?

Original poster: "Matthew Smith by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <matt-at-kbc-dot-net.au>

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> I've converted severl MOT's just the way you described and it works very
> well, with almost 95% efficiency, with a 500 VA load, and the shunts
> removed.
> Good Luck,
> allan

Hmm - from the varied advice that I've had, I'll give two primaries on 
one core a go first, then back-to-back if this proves too problematic. 
Which ever way, the shunts are history ;-)

I think I'll knock together a little two-jawed puller for removing the 
windings; something from school about screws and mechanical advantage 
gave me that idea...

Cheers & thanks to all for the advice