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Re: SRSG gap spacing?

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> Hi all,
>     do people think that the advnatages 
> (if any) of having a rotary with a single 
> gap by having the motor hot and running it 
> via an isolation transformer (2 MOT's 
> maybee) would outweigh the potential 
> dangers and extra weight of the isolation 
> trannie - would the same amount of energy 
> still be dissipated in the gap - 


I don't think you'll see any benefit from using a single
gap rather than the normal two gaps.  After all, when
one goes to 4 or 8 or 12 gaps, it doesn't hurt the 
performance.  the number of gaps doesn't seem to
be all that critical.

would it 

> just fire before electrode presentation 
> anyway? 

Yes, it won't help there.

My other daft idea was to have two 

> contra rotating discs to massivley reduce 
> dwell time. Or is this all just overkill 
> and should i stick to a tried and trusted 
> 2 stationary, 2 moving design?

Not only is overkill, but quench time depends more on
when the system runs out of energy, than it does on the
mechanical dwell time.  A *too-long* dwell time is bad
though, because it can permit refiring while the electrodes
are aligned, under certain conditions. 


> regards
> alex