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Hi All,
I did it!, I turned a "smart circuit" back into a common everyday dumb
I happened along three NSTs while mushroom hunting! (Believe it, or not.) Two
of them are 15/60 and one is a 7.5/60. I experimented with two of them and had
good results with one of them. I removed the GFI circuit and found that every
single winding in the transformers is isolated from ground and each other.
There is no center tap on the high voltage windings. There are two blue wires.
These are the returns for each of the high voltage windings. I tied both of
them together and tied them to the ground wire and the chassis. There are two
white wires. One gets connected to neutral, and the other went to the GFI
circuit. I just left the GFI one connected to nothing. Same with the yellow
wire that went from the GFI circuit to who knows where in the tar somewhere.
Both orange wires get tied together, and then go to the hot side of the line. 
I tried this with the 15/60 and got a beautifully working transformer. When I
tried it with the 7500 volt one, it didn't work, so maybe the transformer is
bad (which I suspect it is because I get a few hundred ohms of resistance from
one high voltage bushing to chassis), or it may be wired differently. I doubt
that since they are both Franceformers. 
Sorry if this info was posted already. This list is so active that it's hard to
keep up with it.