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Re: Pole Piglets (what are they good for?)

Original poster: "Steve White by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <slwhite-at-zeus.ia-dot-net>

I have seen such small pole transformers as I drive around. They would
typicall be used to power some street lights or other such small stand-alone

Steve: Coiling in Iowa

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Subject: Pole Piglets (what are they good for?)

> Original poster: "Gregory Hunter by way of Terry Fritz
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> Dear List,
> I was browsing the inventory list on the T&R Electric
> site
> http://www.t-r-dot-com/Search/index.cfm
> and found listings for 3KVA and even 1KVA polemount
> transformers. Their application for coiling purposes
> is obvious enough--IF you can convince T&R to sell you
> one and IF you can afford one. But of what earthly use
> are they in an industrial/commercial application? Who
> is buying these baby pole transformers, and what are
> they good for?
> Cheers,
> Greg
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