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Re: SRSG gap spacing?

Original poster: "Alexander Rice by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <alex-at-rices.myip-dot-org>

Hi all,
	do people think that the advnatages 
(if any) of having a rotary with a single 
gap by having the motor hot and running it 
via an isolation transformer (2 MOT's 
maybee) would outweigh the potential 
dangers and extra weight of the isolation 
trannie - would the same amount of energy 
still be dissipated in the gap - would it 
just fire before electrode presentation 
anyway? My other daft idea was to have two 
contra rotating discs to massivley reduce 
dwell time. Or is this all just overkill 
and should i stick to a tried and trusted 
2 stationary, 2 moving design?