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Re: Potential Transformer on Ebay- Heads Up.

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<< Hi Vince,
< Thanks for the heads-up.
< I'm not very knowledgable with this type of transformer but it seems that
< 1.5Kva would be a bit low for tesla projects. It works out to an output of
< only about 10ma at 14400.
< The ID plate shows it as a type JVW-5
<  http://www.geindustrial-dot-com/pm/products/transfrm/outvolt.pdf
< Rick W.

< Salt Lake City >>

Hi Rick,

Actually 1.5 kVA at 14,400 volts would be closer to 100 mA ( 104.2
mA, to be exact ). Also, potential transformers are very conservative-
ly rated and very robust since they are designed for use by the utility
electric campanies. A PT like this can easily put out 3 to 5 times its
nameplate rating for short time intervals and can probably put out 2X
its output rating all day long! A PT is a real jewel for a Tesla coiler :-)

Sparking in Memphis,
David Rieben