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RE: Variable Capacitance and Inductance

Original poster: "David Thomson by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <dave-at-volantis-dot-org>

Hi Terry,

>Maybe I missed something here since I don't know where inductance vs.
temperature effects got started...

Dave T.>>At least one person on this list has proposed to run a test over
time to see if there were indeed a variation in inductance in a coil.
Terry F.>>Done that ;-)
>>Humidity (especially rain) seems to affect surrounding structures causing
>great losses.  Temperature affects copper losses directly...

I was talking about a test for variation of inductance in a coil and you
gave your link.  The most relevant chart on this link is titled "Frequency
variation with temperature".  If this wasn't the chart that showed the
variation in inductance, which one is it?

Ed said: "No one doubts that the inductance change by minute amounts due to
temperature expansion and other mechanical effects.

>From Ed's statement, it doesn't take much to gather that variable inductance
due to temperature is a well established scientific fact.

For all the data you collected, and for your statement above that somebody
(you and Paul) has already identified the causes of variable inductance,
please tell me plain and simple; What is the cause you have identified
(proven, discovered, whatever the correct term may be) for the variable
inductance in a coil?