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Back and forth

Original poster: "ka1bbg by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <ka1bbg-at-webryders-dot-net>

Hi, I hope everyone is enjoying a long weekend. I am enjoying the mail about
capacitance and inductance and the author's of various idea's. To the new tesla
addict this may seem like a lot of bable over a bunch of stuff Proven or not
for all who have not worked in a Laboratory and taken thousands of measurements
only to find the result was to identify the calibration of the equipment and
not finding new data to help prove a concept.
Without this questioning of any and all work by whomever, and discussing
particulars "the author or the concept" there would be very little new
scientific findings. It is this questioning, going over formula, ideas,
retesting, and testing and doubting that allows us to find something new or to
find a group of conditions where an idea exists, or to scientifically prove a
finding or a failure. This list is really a "verbal lab" and all this so called
"babble" is how we find new things. Some of this work going on the list is a
challange for even the "best minds" anywhere in the world! There is something
in all this going's on for all of us. enjoy cul brian f.