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Re: HV Cable Sources?

Original poster: "Jeff Kamla by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jeffk-at-sinclair-dot-net>

Howdy  Ted  All

 the best way to get a wire or any thing thing else throught a tube or
sleeve is to pull it through !
first blow a string through your tube then use it to pull the wire through.
get a string longer than your tube, to one end attach a mouse the mouse is
any device that will pull the string through the tube when you apply presure
( a few or many strands of wool, or a round styrofoam ball just smaller than
the tube ID ) put the mouse and some string in the end and use a air
compressor  or a vacuum cleaner exhaust to blow the string through the tube.
happy coiling !


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> Robert: I believe in sleeving too. However, how do you sleeve a 4 or 5
> length without becoming very frustrated? Teflon grease?
> Safety First
> Ted
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