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Re: Structrual support, was: oil dielectric

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Tesla list wrote:

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>>    I've lost a lot of context.  If just for a secondary,
>>    or primary:

>>        Why ceramic Coated?

>>    PVC or HDPE is quite strong?

>>    Other comments?

> Ceramic is heat resistant,

	Usual secondary does not run hot (as others have
	asserted an observed).

> non conductive

	So is HDPE and PVC (for the purposes at hand...)

> and structurally strong.

	So is HDPE and PVC (for the purposes at hand...)

> My question is: Can ceramic can be used?

	I can't think why not.  Seems unnecessary?
	(My recollection was a proposal to 'coat' ceramic on a
	PVC (or HDPE) form.  I guess it could be done, but I
	can't think why.