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RE: [ Re: Variable Capacitance and Inductance]]

Original poster: "David Thomson by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <dave-at-volantis-dot-org>

Hi Dave,

  > If they are variable, then how do these accurate measuring
  > devices get the same exact result each time?

	By making sure the surrounding results are the same.

You're saying the same thing Tesla is saying but disagreeing just for the
sake of disagreeing.  If everything around the coil were the same, such as
sun position, earth position, elevation, etc, then naturally there would be
no change in induction or capacitance.  The point Tesla was making was that
the environmental conditions are not the same for all locations and times
and therefore the inductions and capacitances will be variable.

	Also (and more to the point) variation in the _measured_
	value is different than variation in the device.

The inductance is what the inductance is under given circumstances.  There
is no separation of the measurement and the device.  The device cannot have
a separate value than the measurement and the measurement cannot exist
without the device.

	Tesla asserted that he observed changes
	from everybody since (and some/all) before.

And Tesla was correct.  The previous notion that capacitance of a sphere was
the same under all conditions is false, just as Tesla claimed, and even
Terry admits that this has been proven.

  > Perhaps the more relevant observation is that "free space" has
  > inherent permeability and permittivity;

	Which are well known, well measured, well understood and
	have DIFFERENT effects, in magnitude and direction from
	(some of) those Tesla reported.

You make general comments with no substance but with highly charged words.
The tendency would simply be to accept your allegations at face value since
they are said with such force.  But a simple re-examination of your claim
shows them to be meaningless without some kind of reference to what
DIFFERENT effects you are talking about.

  > the stuff that "makes" inductance and capacitance.  This is why
  > inductance and capacitance can be variable for a material object
  > such as a coil or capacitor.

	Put either in a shielded box.
	Do the measurement.

You must be missing something.  We're talking about variable capacitance
within our present environment.  Not on some strange, lonely asteroid on the
outskirts of the universe.  I'll just assume you are being contrary for the
some personal reason but that you really agree with Tesla's assertion.

	2) The environmental effects are well known, exhaustively
	studied and different from those Teal's observations require.

1) CF above.

  > That sounds just like how the "best instruments" you reference,
  > work.  As far as I know, there is not a machine on the face of
  > this planet that measures inductance or capacitance directly.

	There are a few, used to calibrate the standards used	by the rest.
	They get closer than those available to Tesla.

Once again, Dave.  You are being very general.  Do you expect me to take
your word for this?  Give me the name of one machine that measures
capacitance or inductance directly.  This would be of great interest to
learn about.