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Re: uses for a Tesla Coil?

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Ben: most of the historical uses of the TC have been replaced with new
systems that are more easly controlled. A few uses still remain unique.
Hi-voltage for linear accelerators. carona static generators for partical
presipitation. Generating synthetic diamonds. separating isotopes of metal
ions in a plasma field, and insect killers. The ever present interfearance
generated by the TC restricts its uses.
  Robert  H 

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>> I would go with the originally intended use (wireless
>> power transmission) .. and possibly a demonstration (I
>> believe this is called the quarter wave test... a plate is
>> used to 'recieve' power from the coil.. correct me if I'm
>> wrong.. ;) ) 
>> I also remember hearing that it was used as a power source
>> for particle accelerators..
> It was experimented with in the 30's.  Not clear if
> they were much used (are much used) in modern
> applications.
> best
> dwp