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new photo's of my tesla coil

Original poster: "Shaun Epp by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <scepp-at-mts-dot-net>

Hello group,

I finally have some good pictures of my tesla coil running.  They are
outdoor photo's.  They are a little fuzzy, I used an 35 mm automatic camera
without a tripod, oops.  Anyway the streamers are peaking around 4 feet, I'm
not sure how to measure the length accuratley, but Im sure someone on this
list could tell me.  8 - ))

To see them go to  http://hot-streamer-dot-com/temp/

and look at the files named :  
"shaun tc1 photo high.jpg"
"shaun tc2 photo.jpg"
"shaun tc3 photo.jpg"
"shaun tc4 photo.jpg"

Tell me what you think?

More are to come of the setup and also shots with a tripod, better film, and
a better camera.


Shaun Epp

below are the specs of my coil:

12Kv, 60mA Neon sign transformer for the power source.
RC filter with safety spark gaps.
2 gap static spark gap with tungsten rods
Primary coil has 11 turns of 1/4" copper tubing, total outside diameter is
17 inches. Tune seems to work around
the 10th turn.
Tank capacitor is 0.0215uF at 28Kv,  from the Geek Group
The secondary is 22 1/2 inches x 4.25 inches wound with 26 gauge magnet
12" x 3" spun aluminum toroid,  I know --- it's a little small!

To make these photos, I used a 3 x 4 foot chicken wire & aluminum foil
ground plane underneath the tesla coil and I over coupled the coil, just
before problems arrose.  I used the house electrical ground ;-)