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hi i have a transformer i bought

Original poster: "liam by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <liam-at-neteze-dot-com>

im bill and i bought a transformer at a junkyard for 5 bucks that wieghs about
120 pounds it has two cables going under the ciol wraps going in and a green
ground wire and two cables going out  the only markings are on the wire coming
out of the  exterior of the the wrap that goes around the two sections shaped
like two squared off " O=O"  the equal signwould be the like the inulated wires
wrapping ,and pulling the two "O"s together ....anyway  the only markings are
16000V  coming out of the wire from the external side of the joining wrap. and
a 6 and a p on the two pimary wires going to each section.  there is not any
sort of plate or anything on it  anyone know what it is becides an ac
transfomer   ?   bill