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slide choke

Original poster: "J Dow by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jdowphotography-at-hotmail-dot-com>

Hello gentlemen!
Terry, Gary and friends, thanks for the replies on the TSG.
But now Iím little confused- should I make a TSG at 120 BPS. (some folks 
like the TGS some are not so sure) Or go for the 240 SRSG when supplying my 
coil with a 4 pack MOT PSU? Which will give bigger sparks? Iím thinking the 
240 BPS SRSG with staggered electrodes will allow the best use of the power 

As for the power in going to have to make a Ballast for my MOTís. I donít 
know if Iíll be able to afford a 30-40 AMP Variac so instead Iím going to 
make my Ballast variable.
Iím going to make a Slide Choke. I figure I can make one with a core that 
can be screwed in and out while the TC is running to power up / down the TC; 
Much the same as a variac but with current not voltage. I know that there 
are going to be large forces acting on the core but I think Iíve got a good 
plan to deal with it.
	500feet 10AWG on a 2Ē diameter by 10 inch thin wall tube of cardboard, pvc 
or what ever works.
	Ĺ threaded rod 20Ēlong with iron wire bundled around the 10Ē of the rod 
that will slide in & out. Bundled like as if you were holding a fist full of 
pencils. This will be the core. There will be a nut and washer on each end 
of the bundle. The other 10Ē of the rod goes through a nut or 2 held in 
place on a wood support. A crank handle will be at the end. If the threads 
on the rod are course enough I wonít have to do a lot of turning to move the 
core in and out of the spool.
What do you all think? Sound like a plan?

Read you later

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