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magnetics (Re: oil dielectric)

Original poster: "davep by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <davep-at-quik-dot-com>

>>Magnetic repulsion which is used to lift trains,

>     magnetic forces operate all 'electric' motors.
>     Other than CRTs, and smoke eaters, 'electric forces'
>     are essentially unused.  Mag-Lev exists only in an
>     experimental installation or two.  Most trains run
>     on steel springs (or oil/air).
> True, however mag lev does exist, and is used to levitate trains. 

	To levitate SOME trains.
	Small ones
	  Experimental only.

>>cannot compare to electric repulsion.

> The above is a quote from Nikola Tesla. 

	That's nice.
	Magnetic forces, (attractive and repulsive) are used
	for hugely more purposes, of a practical nature
	than electrostatic repulsion (or attraction).

>     It compares quite exactly.  It is much more widely used.
 > Well not exactly,

	I suggest:  exactly.

> magnetic repulsion is used to run electric motors, electric

> repulsion can be used to deform quarters beyond there plastic
> limits causeing them to shrink to the size of a nickle.

	1) That is magnetic forces.
	2) I suggest one 'stunt' application is a deal
	different than running all the motors in the world
	and all the transformers in the world.  Which run on
	magnetic forces.

> No amount of magnetic force can do that.

	The usual quarter crusher is magnetic.
	(hint:  Objects need not be magnetic to be affected by
	magnetic forces.)

 	(hint II:


>     ... and there are a huge number of lightning survivors
>     with well documented, long term BAD effects, notably
>     neurological damage and symptoms..
> Some people are of course toast after a lightning strike. 
> I would think that if a person were cured by lightning,

	IF they were cured.
	And single events are sometimes not resolvable.