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Re: SRSG timing & other Q's

Original poster: "Terry Fritz" <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>

Hi Steve,

At 07:10 PM 5/20/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Ive been working on a SRSG for my 1440w dual 12/60 powered tesla coil.  Ive 
>been having all sorts of problems with alignment of the electrodes at the 
>voltage peaks.  Whenever i simply run the gap motionless, it works fine and 
>does not fire the safety gap.  When i get it spinning, it rarely (few times 
>a sec) fires the rotary gap and always in the safety gap.  

The spinning electrodes should be set very close so they just barely miss
each other while the motor runs.  Be sure the gap at the spinning
electrodes is minimal so the high voltage is sure to jump it.

>Im simply running 
>the coil without a seconday(with a primary and caps only).  I think that i 
>may have solved my problem with a handbuilt cradle type mount.  Are cradle 
>mounts a good way to get a SRSG up and running??  

They are very nice!  Junk yards or any old motor should have them already
since they are standard items that come with new motors.  You can easily
build them too.



>Ive tried, loosening and 
>re-adjusting the disc, about 100 times, and never really get it to work 
>correctly.  I am pretty sure that the motor runs sync, it passed the 
>florescent light test.  But one question that i have is, is it dangerous to 
>run my sync gap if im not totally sure that the alignment is correct.  

The safety gap will protect things.

>want to be sure that i am not going to fry my $80 worth of transformers from 
>testing it.  For example, is the situation that i described above, with out 
>the safety gap, gonna ruin my transformers?  

No.  It is a little harder on the caps but you are probably only running
for short times here.

>I kept the safety gap just to 
>be sure, but is it normal for the safety to fire, if my dwell time(electrode 
>alignment) is off.  Any other tips that anyone has for the poor 
>scientist(lol) about these types of gaps.  Also, if there is any good sites 
>that i may not know about that cover this, please send them to me.  Any help 
>is appreciated.

Be sure not to widen the safety gaps.  That is a natural reaction for
people to try and it blows the NST.  

So, I would be sure the spinning electrodes come close to each other and
try different motor positions.  I would loosen the motor so it just turns
with some effort and tie a big insulated stick to it so you can turn it in
the cradle while it is running.  Once you align the close electrodes at the
same time the safety gap is firing, the spark almost has to decide to fire
in the rotary gap.  Note the stick bolted to the front of my motor here:




>Steve Ward.